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This is a fan wiki for the sixth season of Friends at the Table, PARTIZAN, and the interstitial Road to PARTIZAN, as well as the upcoming eighth season, PALISADE, and the interstitial Road to PALISADE.

Friends at the Table is an actual play podcast focused on critical worldbuilding, smart characterization, and fun interaction between good friends. Find them at Friends_Table on Twitter, and support them on Patreon at

PARTIZAN takes place in the same universe as Friends at the Table's second season, COUNTER/Weight and fourth season, Twilight Mirage, some 5000 years after the events of Twilight Mirage. It is not necessary to listen to season two or four to enjoy PARTIZAN.

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The Road to PARTIZAN Episodes
"Dialect Pt. 1" · "Dialect Pt. 2"· "Armour Astir Pt. 1" · "Armour Astir Pt. 2" · "Ech0 & Dusk to Midnight" · "Beam Saber (Pt. 1)" · "Beam Saber (Pt. 2)" · "For the Queen" · "Microscope Pt. 1" · "Microscope Pt. 2" · "Summary & Recap" · "Bonus: Sports Are Just Numerology"
"The Divine Principality" · "The Seaside Town of Obelle" · "Obelle, On Fire" · "SHORESIDE RECOVERY - DINNERDATE" · "SHORESIDE RECOVERY - BLACKGLOVES" · "Profit and Loss" · "A Palace During a Wake" · "Ambush in the Sand" · "Under the Boughs of the Court" · "DESERT SQUIRE - VANTAGE" · "DESERT SQUIRE - RIPOSTE" · "DESERT SQUIRE - SLEIGHT" · "A Call From an Island" · "A Captive Audience" · "Deception in the Canyon City" · "Divine Attention" · "BITTER AIR - BEHEST" · "BITTER AIR - THREECARD" · "BITTER AIR - COMBUSTION" · "On the Edge of Fracture" · "On the Eve of Revolution" · "Millennium Break: We Will Take Hold of the Loom of History!" · "Millennium Break: Forward, to Piracy (Sharp Tensions Across Tremulous Seas)" · "Millennium Break: Who Will Lead Millennium Break? · "Millennium Break: The First and Second Arrests of Clementine Kesh" · "Millennium Break: Courage in the Shadow of Opportunity" · "Millennium Break: Breaking Vigil" · "Millennium Break: She said, "To Win We Must Play!"" · "Millennium Break: The Storm Over Cruciat" · "Buried Beneath Golden Leaves" · "A Cemetery for Heros" · "The Grand Premiere" · "GLORY Arrives" · "A Single Shot" · "Guests, Invited and Otherwise" · "The Witch in the Glass Pt. 1" · "The Witch in the Glass Pt. 2" · "The Gravity of Absence" · "The Red Light" · "Escape Velocity" · "Engine Burn" · "Orbital Decay" · "The Unbreakable Quarry" · "The Tunnels Beneath" · "The Prison at the Top of the World" · "Operation Shackled Sun: Act 1: The Fray" · " Operation Shackled Sun: Act 2: The Gate" · "Operation Shackled Sun: Act 3: The Stories Told About the Things We Do" · "Post Mortem"

The Road to PALISADE Episodes

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